Buddha Shakyamuni

सिद्धार्थ गौतम · Siddhartha Gautama

Gautama Buddha, also known as Buddha Shakyamuni, Siddhartha Gautama (real name) or simply Buddha is a historic (600 BC), ascetic sage, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. 

Born as the crown prince of Shakya Kingdom, Gautama was living a very privileged and sheltered life until the age of 29, when he learned of the deep suffering experienced in life by people. Deeply moved he left his palace life and family in order to find the causes of this suffering and the means to overcome it. 

After about six years of study, self-deprivation, and deep meditation he finally realized his goal. He had become an enlightened one (a Buddha). After this, he gave his first sermon at the deer park in Sarnath (Benares), an event which is called the turning of the wheel of Buddhist law (Dharmachakra). The wheel as a metaphor for Buddha’s teaching will become a prevalent symbol in Buddhist art.


> Usage of the symbol

Being a real person, a saint, a Buddha and a founder of a religion, depictions of Buddha can be placed anywhere. Choose a picture or a statue you really like and place it in the area of your home you feel appropriate (according to your needs and/or visions). The center (Bagua n° 5), the area for helpful friends (Bagua n° 6) or close to your house altar are an obvious choice, but as I mentioned before, trust your feelings.

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