Sri Yantra

श्री यन्त्र · [ śrīyantra ]

The Sanskrit word Yantra means instrument or machine and it describes ritual diagrams, which are used at initiation rites and in meditation. In some ways the Yantra is a geometrically shown equivalent to the spoken Mantra and to the practiced Tantra. Here, the Yantra stands for the path of detached action, the Mantra for the path of knowledge and Tantra for the path of the devotion. 

Yantras are always geometrical, abstract figures, in contrast to other Mandalas in which representations figurative also absolutely find use.

The Sri Yantra (holy instrument), is probably the best known Yantra. Sometimes it is called Sri Chakra Yantra. The diagram contains nine triangles interwining each other, four are representing Shiva and five Shakti. Together they are forming 43 smaller triangles. In tantric Buddhism the Sri Yantra plays a prominent role representing the energy of life and love; and including all other, existing Yantras. It is understood as the most abstract, highest, symbolic representation of the divine being. It is also seen as a manifestation of the universe and the divine mother, what is symbolized by the center point (Bindu) of Mandalas.

According to some writings the origin of the Sri Yantra dates back more than 8000 years. The American physicist Dr. Patrick Flanagan estimates that the age of the powerful sign is more than 12000 years. However its history goes way back. In the sacred geometry the Sri Yantra is appreciated as one of the purest and strongest symbols ever. Even nowadays scientist are investigating its energetic behavior. The Sri Chakra Yantra generates a strong, balanced energy field with high oscillations.


> Usage of the symbol

The Sri Yantra shall bring material and spiritual wealth and bless the user with peace, strength and success. Living rooms, bed rooms and work spaces can be harmonized, energetically purified and recharged by placing a Sri Yantra diagram. It also supports and accelerates medical treatments of all kind.

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