ओंकार · [ oṃkāra ]

OM (also AUM) is a sacred Sanskrit syllable worshiped in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. It describes the transcendental, mystical sound of all being and is used in many mantras, meditation techniques and other religious and spiritual practices. The most famous mantra in which Om plays a central role, is the mani mantra (om mani padme hum).

According to the Hindu tradition, the entire universe was created by the primordial, cosmic sound OM. Comparable to a omnipresent vibration that creates, penetrates and keeps alive the existence. In this sense, OM is the most comprehensive and most sublime symbol of Hindu metaphysics and is considered the holiest of all mantras. OM plays an important role in Buddhism and in many modern, spiritual traditions as well.

OM is both a symbol of the form and a symbol of the sound, it is the presence of the absolute. Doing so, it describes material existence simultaneously as wave (sound) and particle (form/matter) – an approach which is shared by today’s scientist (quantum physics). 

Sound and meaning of OM can be compared with the Christian Amen.


> Usage of the symbol

OM literally includes everything and is everything. The vibration is so powerful and fundamental that the icon can be used anywhere. The symbol transforms an existing energy to more clarity, purity and divinity. It is especially helpful in the center of your apartment and in the vicinity of a house altar or a meditation corner.


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