About me


Already as a child I became inspired by the enigmatic world of symbols and the love for art. Later this interest expanded in esoteric systems and spiritual themes of all different kinds. The human being, with its different ways of thinking and its potential (especially the spiritual and psychological potential) fascinated me particularly. The thematic core of my work is Feng-Shui (Taoism), Tarot, astrology and Buddhism

My job is that of an Illustrator – I collect knowledge and create illustrations. This results in a continuously growing symbol lexica, here on this website. The lexicon can be sorted alphabetically to look up specific symbols, or filtered by meaning, theme, shape, etc. 

My illustrations can be grouped in three different categories: originals, vector files, and digital art.

I create originals in many different techniques such as collage, assemblage, drawing, Chinese ink painting, acrylic painting or paper cutting. About the latter technique, read my article entitled made to measure. These works, as well as greeting cards, art prints, stickers, etc. are available in the shop on this page. 

Some illustrations are created as vectors only. This royalty-free stock files, are used primarily by other creative people and are distributed exclusively by Getty Images and iStock.

The third and by far the largest part of my illustrations are printable, digital works, which can be obtained in several Internet shops. They print my art according to your desire: as Art Print, on canvas or as posters – in all shapes and sizes. Some of these pages offer also pillows, scarves, rugs, and other printable items. In the lexicon area, right beside the picture, you find links leading directly to the different shops and variants of the corresponding symbol. Most shops are shipping worldwide, production sites are spread over several continents. For information about product range and origin (shipping from) of the various shops, please refer to the list on my link page. 


Search – Ask – Find!

You couldn’t find the right image? Want to order an original work of art? You are looking for an appropriate logo for a strong and symbolic corporate identity? Do you have any ideas, suggestions or questions? Do not hesitate and contact me without obligation!