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(N)one Picasso!

A Picasso for the living room?

I recently saw in a magazine a picture of an expensively styled designer apartment. Behind the sofa was a large reproduction of the most famous picture from Pablo Picasso, La Guernica. The thought of spending a nice evening watching the television with this picture on the wall behind made me shudder. Please do not strive to create this example as a stylish way of living. I don’t want to be misunderstood here, I find the artwork itself wonderful, but the idea of hanging an image depicting a war carnage in a place where one wants to relax, seems inappropriate Day in day out a war scene?

Even if you do not believe in the effectiveness of Feng Shui, it probably also makes sense to you that a picture of a violent event would influence the people and atmosphere in a room where it hangs.

If you look at some kind of horror picture every day, no matter how aesthetically and artistically executed, it will leave some traces of the scene with you and the atmosphere of the room. Can you imagine the spiritual, energetic effect if you play computer games daily whereby people are being attacked and shot at? Thank goodness it is only a computer screen, however it is worthwhile questioning the effect of such games. There is fortunately a lot of research looking into this point these days. The effect of a picture such as La Guernica, in a living room seems to be given less thought unfortunately.

One can’t compare! One should not be so „closed minded“, „thats just one way of looking at the world“ you may say. And I say: “The world shapes according our wishes”.” It is what we made it to be.”  Every moment we are making decisions however great or small. A decision about ourselves, about the person we would like to be, about what we believe, about what is important to us etc., etc. …Think about it. Who are you? How would you like to be and how does an ideal world look like to you?

I read in a book from Neale Donald Walsch that in 2003 the 60 richest countries of the world put together 60 billion dollars for aid to the poorest countries of the world. In the same year the richest countries also spent 900 billion dollars on weapons! 900!! We decide how our world should be. Do you really want to have La Guernica in your living room, or perhaps in your bedroom? I have even found a cup with the beloved motif on it. Is that not wonderful? The morning coffee probably tastes 3 times better from such a cup, … but please don’t complain when you are suffering later from gastritis!

Yes, that maybe sounds a bit manipulative and only a few people maybe think about global connections with their choice of decorative objects. But I think we should be paying more attention to this. Try to give more attention to these small decisions, it actually says a lot about your own world picture and ideals. If you want to decorate and energize your living space you should be aware of what you are doing. When in doubt about your choices in forming the living space you want to inhabit, just listen to your instincts. You may also want to just leave a wall space free as a projection surface for your wishes until an appropriate work turns up. It could be that you are going to live a long time with this piece of work and this choice will be influencing you daily. Even if you don’t believe in the art of „energy exchange“ your subconscious will be responding to everything in it’s immediate environment. 

In this context, a picture on the wall becomes a symbol. It is an assistant of the beliefs and ideologies behind the picture or object itself. If you consciously choose a piece of work for the wall knowing what it symbolizes, the effect will be more powerful.

Like a partner, a picture or a decorative object should fit to you, to your spiritual believes, your room and your momentary situation in life. You decide how your living space should be, and in response it influences you, your behavior and your world. I am convinced that we could prevent a second Guernica by simply being more conscious and reflective of the choices we make about shaping our own immediate surroundings.


* The original hangs in the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid. There it hangs well and should be visited by every visitor to Madrid.