Mandarin Duck · Pair of Mandarin Ducks

鴛鴦 · [ yuānyāng ]

Mandarin ducks live together in pairs, never ever change their partner. From this one can clearly trace their symbolism. No other image embodies marital fidelity and a happy marriage in such an univocal manner. Simultaneously the pair of Mandarin ducks is also a symbol of young love and romance, it represents love with a happy ending – unlike butterflies, which (related to love affairs) symbolize rather a transient love with a sad ending. 


> Usage of the symbol

A pair of Mandarin ducks should be placed into the love corner (love and relationship) or into the area of bagua n° 2, the southwest or in your bedroom. In case you prefer three-dimensional figures to flat art, please remember: always place two ducks, not a single one (which stands for loneliness) or three ones (which can only lead to jealousy and complications).

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