Luxing · God of Prosperity

祿星 · [ lùxīng ]

Luxing (also Lu) is the Taoist God of Prosperity, wealth, reputation and abundance. Xing means star and Luxing is equated with ζ Ursae Majoris, a star in the constellation of the great bear. The word Lù refers to the salary of an official, federal employee. Therefore Luxing is usually presented in the clothes of a Mandarin. As such, he stands not only for wealth but also for power, glory and honor

Luxing appears usually together with Fuxing and Shouxing. Together, the three gods form the three stars (Sanxing), which almost every Chinese household has got to have. 

Luxing is often depicted as the largest of the three gods, standing in the middle. In his hand he holds the Ru Yi, the scepter of power and authority; sometimes he holds in his other hand in addition a Chinese, boat-shaped gold ingot, the so-called sycee


> Usage of the symbol

The three star gods should always be together, because they reinforce each other’s effect! Traditionally they are placed near the dining table, where one can see them every day. But they can spread their luck also in the living room or in the entrance area.

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