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Let it Flow!

Things don’t own you … you own them …

In some living spaces one has to tread carefully, there are things lying, standing or stacked everywhere, waiting to be put away, tidied or disposed of. Many people put off simply dealing with the sorting of things around them. This is also often the case in offices, depots or storage rooms. Wardrobes are also a favorite place for hoarding, … “I could maybe use that in the future“, or “that had cost a lot of money“, these are typical excuses one often hears. Do you really believe that five pairs of shoes, some of which you have outgrown, are going to come into use again? Or that money which you invested in an old video player is going to hold it’s value?


Let the Qi flow

The laws of Feng Shui are based on invisible vital energy (Qi), lying within everything and which gives us our vitality. When Qi flows everything is wonderful. If it flows too fast it turns into a negative Sha Qi, if it is blocked then it’s power stagnates. Both of these aspects of Qi can be prevented. Qi flows into a living space through windows and doors, it circles within the space and is directed by furniture, lights, symbols etc. It steers itself (when it can freely flow) like a snake through the whole space. When the relationship of Qi and the living space are harmonious this will positively influence it’s inhabitants. Qi relates to all areas of life … health, creativity, vitality, family, wealth etc.

Everything is energy and energy must flow so that it is steadily in constant change. We try to hold on to things (and people), and put ourselves against the flow, this gives rise to stagnating or blocked energy. If we ignore the things around us (people also), the energy will cease to flow. What  isn’t used is like dead waters, it becomes brackish and starts to stink.

Take a look at which Bagua of your living space the chaos has taken over. Is there a slow moving thick feeling in this area? Yes? … you know the feeling when one has tidied up that the head feels free and clear? Give away what you don’t need! Firstly there is a sense of freedom disposing of unwanted  things, secondly it makes way for something new and thirdly you could delight someone else with your collected excesses.


Where should I begin?

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You don’t know how and where you should begin? Just start anywhere, the main thing is to start. One thing after another. Are you up to your ears in chaos, or you haven’t found the desire to (get off your ass) and tidy up and sort out. Well for this there is a small trick: write down all areas which should be ordered onto small note papers and put them in a box. Shake the box and take one of the note papers and get to work. Just trust the universe that the most important area is going to be dealt with. It’s like getting to know yourself and creating an advantage for yourself out of that. During the sorting and tidying up you will have enough time to think about the area of the Bagua in which you are working through.


Quality and sustainability

Even the best order doesn’t last for long. We live in a world of excesses in many ways – but what do we really need? How many pullovers do you have in your wardrobe? How many have you worn in the last couple of years? How many scissors do you have lying around the house? Do they all cut? How many unread newspapers are lying on the table? Are you going to read them all? REDUCE! As soon as you can give away, sell or dispose of your surpluses, the more time and room you make for yourself and Qi can flow again. It is better to have just a few functional, beautiful things instead of a mountain of rubbish. Quality and sustainability is a blessing to our environment … (it is a joy to use a sharp pair of scissors instead of sorting through seven blunt pairs!)


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