Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry

The flower of life is extremely popular and believed to be a symbol for infinity and the flowing energy in its original form. A strong, healing and harmonizing effect is attributed to it. 

Humanity knows this Symbol for many thousands of years. In many cultures around the world the flower of life is considered to be a symbol of energy. The flower is found worldwide in temples and initiation sites. Probably the oldest representations are about 5000 years old decorating the columns of the temple complex Osireion in Abydos, Egypt. In a Tibetan monastery another ancient flower of life was found with an estimated age of 2000 years. 

The renaissance of the flower of life began in the early 1990s. Drunvalo Melchizedek studied the Egyptian mysteries and published his knowledge. He described the flower of life as a symbol that combines and unites the complete geometry of creation.

The construction of the flower consists of 19 circles and has a strong relation to Asian mandalas, in its form and meaning. The flower of life is kind of a prototype for all circle-based symbols. The geometric pattern within the flower, with its circular segments, is interpreted by many esoteric researchers as the basic structure of the sacred geometry. It is considered to function as a portal to the Akashic records, a universal energy field in which all existing knowledge and events are stored. Through meditation on this symbol one can receive answers to specific questions or get in contact with any recorded knowledge. The flower of life is regarded as the basic, fundamental form of existence and creation. Sensitive people may feel the force of this symbol immediately.


> Usage of the symbol

The flower of life eliminates blockages and establishes an unimpeded flow of energy. Therefore this symbol is predestined for the use in meditation. The depicted principle is universal and fundamental. The flower of life can literally be applied anywhere you want to activate positive, harmonizing and healing energies.  

Its principle is “general” so it also effect in a “general” manner. The symbol seeks for an all-comprehensive, all-including effect. It may take a little while until really everything vibrates in harmony ... If you have more specific and pressing matters, you may be better served with a more specific symbol. 

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