Buddha Eyes

Wisdom Eyes

The all-seeing eyes of Buddha - also called wisdom eyes – are a symbol for Avalokiteśvara, the bodhisattva of universal compassion. You find this popular sign everywhere in Nepal, Tibet and North India. Particularly large and obvious it displays on the side walls of big stupas, one pair of eyes in every direction. The most famous example is probably the Swayambhunath, a temple located in the West of Kathmandu, known as the main shrine of Nepalese Buddhists. The pair of eyes on this gold plated stupa is visible way beyond the borders of Kathmandu.

On top of the actual pair of eyes is another eye, the so-called third eye (Ajna), often compared with a jewel, which represents spiritual awakening. According to the legend, cosmic rays are emanating, while Buddha is absorbed in meditation. This radiation can be understood at the same time as a kind of proclamation (of Buddhas teachings) and as a healing energy.


> Usage of the symbol

Buddha’s eyes are a symbol full of strength and love. It can protect and energize every area of your life and your home. In the entrance area, or directly above the entrance door, the eyes can serve as a symbol of protection. Its healing, teaching and purifying effects unfold best in the center of the apartment, in a meditation room, or near a house altar.

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