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Bagua n° 4

Wealth and Prosperity

Art Print

25 x 25 cm

This art prints is manufactured on eco-friendly, chlorine-free, non-aging paper from sustainable forestry.

Incl. sheet with descriptions (German only), without frame.

The Lo Shu square is used in many schools (teachings) of Feng Shui, also in the tradition of symbolic Feng Shui. It divides houses, rooms or even the surface of your desktop into 9 separate fields, so called baguas. The symbolism of this art print enhances the energy of the bagua n° 4 · wealth and prosperity. This bagua refers to the southeast of your home or the back left corner (depending on tradition).

To read more about this specific bagua or baguas in general refer to:
> Bagua · Eight Trigrams
This art print is also available within a nine piece print set under:

Art.Nr.: AP.2525.004


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