White Tiger of the West

西方白虎 · [ xīfāng báihǔ ]

The white tiger of the West is one of the five heavenly beasts, one of the fundamental symbols in the Taoist cosmology and the five elements. The white tiger embodies the West, the fall, the harvest, the evening and the element metal. Other than its powerful appearance may suggest at the first sight, the tiger represents a feminine energy (Yin) and embodies the polar opposite to the male dragon in the East. The king of animals, or should we rather say, the queen of animals is worshiped since the Han dynasty. According to the legend the tiger gets its impressive, white fur only at the proud age of 500 and it only shows up when a kind and just ruler sits on the throne and there is peace in the world.

The white Tiger is headstrong, maverick and proud and he is rather a loner. Its wild nature is difficult to control, therefore you should always make sure that his opponent, the azure dragon, retains the upper hand – together they are unbeatable. In China you often find images of tigers on doorjambs and graves – protecting the house or the resting place. It is said that the tiger repulses demons, and he is therefore considered a symbol for bravery.

In feng shui the symbol of the tiger is also used to promote intuition, vision, clairaudience, motherhood and unconditional love. Even so our tigress is powerful, self-willed and dangerous, everyone knows that it is gentle and caring to its babies. On the hunt it is very prudent, calm and focused. Its sixth sense may help us to recognize and take advantage of business opportunities others may easily overlook or miss.


> Usage of the symbol

The five celestial beasts are very powerful. As a representative of the West and the element metal the white tiger is best placed in the West quadrant of your home. For more tips pleas look up the articles metal and West.

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