Sanxing · Fu, Lu and Shou

三形​的 · [ sānxíng ] · Three Stars

These icons date back to the Ming dynasty, when the gods of the three stars were represented in human form for the first time. 

There is probably no Chinese household in which the three Taoist gods of good luck are not revered. Luxing, Fuxing and Shouxing are the powerful representatives of good fortune, prosperity and longevity. Since the times of the Ming dynasty, the popularity of this triumvirate is unbroken and their names are synonymous with an all-around good life. And who doesn’t long for a good life?


> Usage of the symbol

The three star gods should always be together, because they reinforce each other’s effect! Traditionally they are placed near the dining table, where one can see them every day. But they can spread their luck also in the living room or in the entrance area, where they can attract powerful Qi. The three gods are a great solution for protection you from bad energy; they ward off bad Feng-Shui and misfortune, and transform it into a healthy, soothing and lucky energy.


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