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Symbols Based on Circles

The circle of life

As Pythagoras would say, the circle is the most perfect form, it withholds all and everything emerges out of it. Every point of the circumference is the exact same distance from the center. The circle has no beginning and no end, it is infinite and stands for non-existence and eternity. The circle is to a certain extent the oldest of all symbols, it is after all a point, a small filled point has the form of a circle.

The point and circle form already suggest it’s symbolism. The circle is the outer expression, the construction, the point is the absolute imminent aspect of the symbol from which everything turns. The point is like the ruling sun in astrology, it is the base from which everything exists or not. Everyone who has drawn a circle knows that this center point must exist for it’s construction. This middle point stands for centralized power, the base or heart of all energy. In a transferal sense it is God, the cosmic consciousness and enlightenment. The symbol of the circle, in a general sense, stands for oneness, unity, entity, perfection, infinity, life without beginning or end, balance and the cosmos.

Symbol based on Circles: Circle, Mandala, Ensō, Flower of Life

The cosmic circle of infinity

In a simple way the circle shows us the complete story of creation. In the beginning there was nothing, and then there became consciousness. The consciousness is symbolized through the creation of the circumference within nothingness. We, as a part of this oneness, (consciousness) search in many different ways to find the center of this circle again. We move towards the center in concentrated circles until we bring our own reality to a point, this circulation forms a circle. Enlightenment, is the bringing together of God (the point), and the cosmic consciousness (the circle).

This is the symbolism underlying all circle forms. Every point, disc and spherical form are also forms and dimensions symbolizing this principle.

Symbol based on Circles: Yin and Yang, Spiral, Egg, Labyrinth

All other complex signs based on the circle form are amplifications and variations of this ancient symbol. Many spiritual and energy symbols from all different cultures are based on circular constructions.

Popular symbols today include the flower of life and mandalas of all kinds. Within the symbol of the wheel or the Christian rosette, the geometrical designs describe man’s striving towards unity and oneness and the realizing of this yearning. The ornamental paths lead in different ways to the center, to enlightenment.

The rules of the cosmic and atomic structure of many natural phenomena are based on the circular form. This alone is a good enough reason to understand the power of the symbol of the circle. It’s form is a universal ground principle: circles within circles, in circles everything connected with, and within each other. An infinite mesh of concentrated vibrations. Every thought, every form of energy, moves or concentrates in circular or spherical courses. Heat rays are spherically formed, planets circle the sun, atoms circle their center nucleus, our thoughts circle our problems, circular waves radiate in water from an object touching it’s surface, etc. etc. Our life seems to flow in a circle. We enter the world through a circular opening, we grow up in a family circle. We take our course through life and our soul leaves our mortal being through a round hole in the fontanel for the wheel of reincarnation, according to eastern religions, … and so we experience small and large aspects of our lives taking the form of a circle.


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