Shouxing · God of Longevity

壽星 · [ shòuxīng ]

Shouxing (also Shou) is the god of health and long life. Xing means star and Shouxing is associated with Canopus, the southern pole star; apart from Sirius this is the second brightest star on the night sky. 

He’s got a very characteristic feature: the extra high, domed forehead. According to the legend, he came into the world already as an old man, after an  incredible ten year pregnancy – yet, he is immortal! Apart from his age Shouxing is also recognizable on his friendly smile. Usually he carries a peach (Symbol of immortality) in one hand and on the other a dragon wand, with a tied up gourd in which he keeps the elixir of life

Shouxing appears usually together with Luxing and Fuxing. Together, the three gods form the three stars (Sanxing), which almost every Chinese household has got to have.


> Usage of the symbol

The three star gods should always be together, because they reinforce each other’s effect! Traditionally they are placed near the dining table, where one can see them every day. But they can spread their luck also in the living room or in the entrance area.

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