Shou · Longevity

壽 · [ shòu ]

The sign for longevity is based on the characters shoù (壽), which means good health and a long life. It is the most popular and the most important good luck symbol in China and can be depicted in many different ways. In this context one speaks of “baishòu”. This means “a hundred times long life” and refers to an eponymous cave temple. In the walls of this cave a hundred variations of the character shou had been carved. The sign is in close connection with Shouxing, the god of longevity, one of the three stars.


> Usage of the symbol

The character Shou – no matter in which form – can generate health and happiness for all the inhabitants of your house. Its helpful power unfolds best in the East of a room or in the entrance area. This symbol can also be very useful applied on the front door, the refrigerator or a pill organizer.

In China, the symbol Shou is often depicted together with five:
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