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In 1823 the now world-famous poem “the night before Christmas” was released. Since then, every child knows that Santa Claus is living at the North Pole lives and travels with a flying sleigh, pulled by eight reindeer. The story is probably based on the old Norse saga of Thor, the God of Thunder, which also used to travel in a reindeer sleigh. The story of “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” was added in 1939 (as a coloring book figure) and 1949 (as a Christmas song). 

It’s said that Reindeer can detect medicinal herbs and mushrooms even under deep snow, having a particular liking for the hallucinogenic fly agaric mushroom. It is not clear if the high-effect of this drug allows the animal to fly, but you can definitively see it in the night sky! “The reindeer” is a constellation in the Northern sky, close to the Pole Star, the main star in the Ursa Minor constellation.

Long before the reindeer was linked to Christmas, they were considered a spiritual symbol. In particular in shamanic cultures, reindeer were seen as guardians of the soul and as a guide to the Otherworld, in the land of dreams and the realm of the dead. The reindeer - called caribou by native Americans - is a symbol of dreams, talents, wisdom, survival and hidden treasures

Reindeer are the only deer species, which is domesticated. Very early, mankind and Boatsu (so the reindeer name by Sami people) learned to live together. The animals showed them where to find food and carried their loads. In addition they were also supplier of meat, warm clothes and tools.


> Usage of the symbol

The symbol of the reindeer can be used year round, not only for Christmas decoration. It is a gentle, yet powerful, protective animal. Especially for people dealing with shamanic practices, meditation, or the interpretation of dreams. The symbol is best located in your meditation room, the bedroom, the North West are of your home or the bagua n° 6 (helpful friends and travel).


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