樹莓 · [ shùméi ]

The raspberry was known already in the antiquity as a medicinal plant and appreciated because of its exceptional flavour. The high content of vitamin C, potassium and fruit acids has a positive effect on the immune system and the wound healing process. During the medieval period raspberries were mainly cultivated in monasteries. As well as strawberries and blueberries raspberries contain large amounts of highly efficient, anti-cancerous and anti-aging ingredients. 

In the Greek mythology it is called, that the nurse of Zeus was picking a raspberry, hidden by thorn bushes, to soothe the angry baby. Unfortunately the thorns scratched her breast and her blood dripped on to the berries, which until then had been white, and colored them red forever.


> Usage of the symbol

Raspberries are healthy and taste good, there’s no reason not to use its symbolism more often! They spread their beneficial effects best in the health corner (Bagua n°3) or in the kitchen.

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