Cherry Blossom · Plum Blossom

梅花 · [ méihuā ] · 櫻花 · [ yīnghuā ]

Depictions of plum blossoms are very popular in China and also used in symbolic Feng Shui. The five petals are closely related to the five blessings (health, longevity, wealth, love of virtue and a peaceful death in old age) and stand for luck in general. The buds of the plum blossom open at the end of wintertime, even before the leaves are growing and the earth is still covered with snow and ice! No surprise, the plum blossom became a symbol for renewal, life and willpower

Plum and cherry blossoms are often equated or confused. That’s right biologically; plums and cherries are two plants of the same genus (Prunus). Symbolically, there are some differences. The flowering period of cherries is a little later. Plums represent the end of winter, with strength and discipline – while cherries are represent the beginning of spring, with joy and ease. Plum blossoms are robust and powerful, while cherry flowers are classified as tender and fleeting. 

In China the symbol of the plum blossom is far more common, the Japanese however are celebrating the famous cherry blossom season with all its ephemeral and temporary beauty. The cherry blossom stands also for purity, hope, renewal and luck.


> Usage of the symbol

Anyone can benefit from the luck and the strength of this sign. The plum blossom is always a good choice, Whether you’re up to recover from illness or to strengthen the will and your stamina. This symbol can support the element wood in a powerful way and also assists a new professional start. The plum blossom fits well in the northern area of your home (Bagua 1). This of course if also true for the cherry blossom, whereby the focus is on the beauty and the cheerfulness of the symbol.


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