Double Fish · Pair Of Golden Fish

雙魚 · [ shuāng yú ]

In classical Feng Shui fishes generally stand for wealth, prosperity and abundance. Pictured as a pair, they also symbolize harmony, happiness and the joy of physical union; that’s why gifts, decorated with this popular symbol, are ideal wedding gifts.

In Buddhism, the sign of the double fish is known as the pair of golden fish (Sanskrit: Gaur-Matsya). As one of the eight auspicious symbols (Ashtamangalas) it is used very often. In some traditions, the two fish symbol is associated with the eyes of Buddha. They symbolize the happiness of all living beings in a state of fearlessness and security. In Indian meditation practices, the two fish correlate with the moon and the sun channels (Nadi) in the spinal cord, which distribute the Prana (life energy) through the body.

The Gaur-Matsya is also linked with the general symbol of the carp, which is very popular in the Asian region. It symbolizes love, wealth, bravery and much more.


> Usage of the symbol

Depending on what kind of abundance you’d like to activate, you place the double fish in the wealth corner (Bagua n° 4), in the entrance area or in the love corner (Bagua n° 2). The bedroom, however, is not the ideal location for the pair of fish, as too much water could cool down the fire of love. 

The pair of golden fish can help you to bring your female and male parts in accordance. Furthermore, it gives you security and confidence. Like the other seven Ashtamangalas this symbol is best placed in the centre (Bagua n° 5) of the apartment or nearby an altar to unfold its full potential

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