橢 · [ tuǒ ]

The term oval comes from Latin ovum (= egg) and refers to an even, rounded, convex figure which resembles the profile of a bird’s egg. The word is used as a generic term for any kind of circle-like shapes, that don’t necessarily have to be symmetrical. In the traditional sense the term is used especially for regularly and symmetrically shaped ellipses and eggs. 

The construction of an oval is basically that of a circle with two center points. This already indicates its symbolism: the manifestation of a circle (existence) in the dualistic world. In a certain sense that is the beginning of a life form, with own ego, which feels separated from the rest (unit of the circle). In other words: The oval represents an abstract version of the egg, in particular of the world egg

The aura surrounding our body, that can be seen by sensitive people, has also an oval shape referred to as aureole (halo) or mandorla in iconography. 

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