About Symbols

Origin and Effect

I recently received a nice, but rather ambivalent Email. Some one interested in Feng Shui conveyed a compliment towards my work, but also expressed a complaint that she didn’t know how to interpret the Asian „signs“ and would rather prefer Western symbols. This is not the first reaction of this kind and so in the following text I will give a detailed answer.


The origin

Some people are obviously a bit reserved in their attitude towards foreign, (in this case Chinese) symbols, other don’t want a simple western version, but try to understand the original traditions of Feng shui as they were developed in China many years ago. To my opinion this shows a general uncertainty towards symbols, their uses and their origins.


The knowledge

It helps of course if we can intellectually understand what a particular symbol means. The power of our thoughts can strengthen the suggestive power of symbols, (a detailed description of the process is in the article “what are symbols“). I am convinced that the origin of different symbols is not as important as the personal reference; as we carry experiences of previous lives and other spheres within us as well. Also, we are  connected through the subconscious with the collective consciousness which does not end at the border of one country or another. A Chinese symbol therefore does not have any advantages or disadvantages compared to a Hindu, Celtic or Indian symbol. Over time this homepage will represent symbols from many different cultures and religions.



The personal reference

Whatever addresses and moves a person, whether positive or negative, it is right for that person. Often it is that particular thing, (could also be a person or symbol), which we despise that has something to say to us. We respond to independent, neutral things which are not personally relevant to us, simply neutrally. The attention to details lies in our emotions, the positive such as love, joy and fascination, and the negative such as anxiousness, hate and lack of understanding. The organization and styling of a room in the art of Feng Shui, should be for the sake of positively targeted outcomes.


Our emotions work like a type of catalyst

Usually one uses symbols to express something particular or to reach a particular purpose. One wants to influence one’s own reality with symbols. One wants to materialize the base idea of a particular symbol, so that one can experience or possess it. Symbols act on different levels. Some are quicker and some need more time. It’s all about energy. The more energy one invests in a symbol or positive thought, the faster and more extensive the effect. The more earthly the structure of the energy is, the bigger the chance it manifests in the material world.



One can let a symbol and the universe to work on it’s own. One speaks so to say „with the universe“, hangs a symbol on the wall and waits. The meaning of  a symbol and the creative powers of the universe act on a very abstract, fine vibrational level. They are very targeted and clear, but for our senses they seem slow. The universe , has proverbially „all the time in the world“.



Our thoughts and our intellectual understanding about a symbol vibrate somewhat deeper, on a very subtle level. This is the spirit level of ourselves. We can visualize our desires, that is to say, we can use the powers of imagination from the abstract realm. The workings are put in place every time we look at the symbol on the wall, (consciously or unconsciously), and the connecting energetic network becomes denser.



Our emotions are even more connected with the material world. Our thoughts shape our feelings and are seen in our behavior. Our behavior in return changes in very real terms our material existence. Emotions are an expression of the soul and create a sort of bridge between spirit and material, (body). They bring original ideas to the surface. When we love, desire or admire something, sooner or later we will pull the trigger to get what we long for. The universe in response works with this action and makes wishes come true (into being). The mechanism relates like the weather, the bigger the suction of the low pressure front, (our emotions), the stronger the balancing power of the high pressure front, (material realization).

This powerful dynamism is set free every time we register a symbol and let our emotions vibrate with that. One should take a positive attitude to the fundamental meaning of a symbol regardless of the culture from which it might stem from. Equally important is maintaining a positive emotion. Feelings of doubt, hopelessness or anxiousness in relation to the task of the symbol may try to manifest exactly that. 

Together, working with all three levels can have an astounding effect!