ναυτίλος · [ nautílos ]

The nautilus is probably one of the most beautiful sea creatures we know. It is a member of the cephalopod family with a large shell. This shell is regarded as the most perfect, logarithmic spiral occurring in nature. Like the spiral, the nautilus embodies development, dynamics and the cosmic energy. The construction of the shell is extremely stable and can withstand enormous pressure. For that the nautilus is also a symbol of resistance, strength and good planning

Sometimes the nautilus is referred to as living fossil because it already lived long before the dinosaurs! Its original form is found in the ammonite fossils. In addition to perfection and beauty, it therefore symbolizes also endurance and origin.

The construction of the shell is a true masterpiece. This housing is divided into an actual living chamber and a section with several, gas-filled chambers. Using this gas-filled part, the housing can be kept still floating in the water.

Each chamber in the Interior of the shell follows exactly the Fibonacci sequence, the resulting golden spiral plays an important role in sacred geometry representing the golden ratio 1.6180339... Another indication of the inherent infinity symbolism of the nautilus.


> Usage of the symbol

One doesn’t have to be a mathematician to recognize the beauty and the power of this symbol. It is archaic and forward-looking at the same time, perfect, beautiful, designed and poetic ... This symbol is multi-layered and versatile. The center of your home (Bagua n° 5), a house altar or the meditation corner are common fields to use this symbol, but the nautilus can also enfold its strength in the bedroom (dreams) or in the office (stability, endurance).

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