木蘭 · [ mùlán ]

Thanks to its early and lush blooming the magnolia symbolizes abundance and fertility. In addition it is also related to noblesse, femininity and beauty. Magnolias are a bit like „lotus flowers on a tree“ and stand, similar to the lotus, for purity, virtue, tranquility and peace. In this connection the magnolia is described as a bridge between heaven and earth. Lotus flowers are rather associated with male energy while magnolias are definitively perceived as feminine. It is virtually regarded as a symbol for femininity and pure beauty

In China the word magnolia (mulan) is often used synonymous for “beautiful girl“ – probably because of the eponymous name of the legendary girl warrior Mulan who have taken her father‘s place in the army and made big career there. 

Many types of magnolia trees and bushes had been cultivated in the empire of the middle. Nevertheless, for a long period the possession of this beautiful plant was reserved to the emperor only. Now and then, he gave away magnolia plants as a special honoring. Buds as well as fruits and wood of the magnolia are used in the traditional Chinese medicine – its effect is described as very stimulating. Sometimes magnolias are attributed to the west – I rather tend to the east, as its flowers blossom in spring time and its symbolic meaning is closely related to the element wood and health topics.


> Usage of the symbol

As mentioned before, the east is an ideal location for magnolias. In the south it brings you reputation and dignity. The same directions (and corresponding bagua zones) are also ideal places in the house to put a photo or art piece of this wonderful, symbolic plant. However, magnolia pictures can also be placed in your living or dining room.


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