Lotus Flower

蓮花 · [ liánhuā ]

The symbolic meaning of the lotus flower (also named Nelumbo) is particular related to Buddhism. This marsh plant is native to Asia (one species is also native to North America and the Caribbean) and not to be confused with similar looking water lilies (Nympheas). The lotus flower roots in stagnant, marshy water, raising its blossom way above in flawless beauty and cleanness. No mud would touch it. Also the leaves of nelumbo are highly water-repellent. Water on its leaves surface drops down, taking every dirt particle with it. This has given the name to what is called the lotus effect. This characteristic and the aesthetics of the perfectly geometrical arrangement of the petals inspired people everywhere to spiritual comparisons. The lotus stands for purity and spirituality like no other symbol. It is regarded as a sign for modesty, immortality, enlightenment and peace.

The lotus flower is one of the eight auspicious symbols in Buddhism (Ashtamangala) – it is simply not possible to imagine Tibetan everyday life without it. However, this promising symbolic group is also very popular in other Buddhist traditions, as well as in Hinduism and Jainism. The meaning of the lotus flower in Buddhism is multi-layered and very complex. The open blossom represents the purity of body, speech and mind. Generally speaking the lotus is associated with enlightenment, divine birth, beauty and wealth. In addition, the flower also symbolizes the female sex organ and is used as a depiction of the subtle energy centers in the human body (Chakras).


> Usage of the symbol

The holy lotus flower (Sanskrit: Padma) represents the full flowering of healthy deeds in blissful liberation. The symbol feels right at home anywhere. Choose the place according to your needs. Which area of your life do you want to lift up, clear, purify and spiritualize? The transforming and healing Energy of the lotus flower best enfolds in the center of your home (Bagua n° 5) or near a house altar.

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