木槿屬 · [ mùjǐnshǔ ]

The hibiscus is a mallow plant and should be entitled botanically as „Chinese rose mallow“. Hibiscus is the name for the genus with more than 300 members, native in subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. The blossoms of many kinds are eatable and used in salads. Better known is the decorative use of the hibiscus flower by Tahitian and Hawaiian women. If the flower is worn behind the left ear, the woman is married or in a relationship. If the flower is worn on the right, she is single or open for a new relationship.

It is widely unknown, however, that one can use the juice from hibiscus blossoms as a ph indicator. In connection with acid its color changes to dark pink, mixed with a basic solution its color turns to green. In India the same liquid is used as a hair conditioner and shoe polish. Also in the western world the hibiscus is used for cosmetics, predominantly in the production of suntan creams, because the essence of hibiscus plants absorbs ultraviolet light. 

In China, the popular ornamental bush embodies fame and wealth; furthermore the blossom is valid as synonym for the sexual attraction of a young girl. The hibiscus is used often and many-sided in the traditionally Chinese medicine


> Usage of the symbol

The hibiscus, flowering in summer, certainly feels most comfortable in the South of your home. Traditionally the zone for fame and recognition (Bagua N ° 9), what matches perfectly to the Chinese symbolism. Placing the hibiscus in the Bagua n° 4 or the Southeast area of your flat lays stress on the financial side of the symbol.


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