[ /haɪˈtiːkiː/ ]

Hei is the Maori term for “hang around the neck”. Tiki refers to a human-like figure representing an ancestor or a god, usually carved out of wood or worked in stone. The word can stand also for “first man/person”. According to the legend this original Tiki came from the stars. Therefore, the Hei-Tiki is regarded as a symbol of remembering the ancestors, collecting universal knowledge and for spirituality. The talisman and its energy was often inherited from generation to generation.

An other, widespread interpretation describes the Tiki as a symbol of woman fertility.


> Usage of the symbol

A Hei-Tiki is usually carved from green jade (nephrite) and worn around the neck. It offers protection and averts the evil eye. The Hei-Tiki fulfills this purpose also if you install it at the front door of your apartment.

The icon can be used in other forms as well. To gain inner wisdom put a small Tiki figure or a corresponding image near a home altar or in the Bagua n ° 5. To get support from your ancestors, place it in the Bagua n ° 6 (helpful friends).


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