Fuxing · God of Happiness

福星 · [ fúxīng ]

Fuxing (also Fu) is the god of happiness. Xing means star and Fuxing is associated with the planet Jupiter. In Taoist legends the Fu star is associated with Yang Cheng, the legendary judge from the 6th century. Yang Cheng risked his life by writing a petition to the Emperor, in order to alleviate the suffering of the population. After his death the people gratefully built a temple to his honor. 

Usually, Fuxing is represented in student clothing. In his hand he holds a scroll with the formula that can bring the benignity of fate. Sometimes he is shown surrounded by children. Typically Fuxing is accompanied by bats, the most common good luck symbol at all! 

Fuxing appears usually together with Luxing and Shouxing. Together, the three gods form the three stars (Sanxing), which almost every Chinese household has got to have.


> Usage of the symbol

The three star gods should always be together, because they reinforce each other’s effect! Traditionally they are placed near the dining table, where one can see them every day. But they can spread their luck also in the living room or in the entrance area.

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