Five Heavenly Beasts

蜻蜓 · [ qīngtíng ]

Chinese astronomy knows five mythical figures, one for each cardinal direction and one for the center. These five beings are symbolizing the overarching principles of energy in Taoist cosmology: the five elements. Each beast represents an element, a season and a cardinal direction – and each beast is associated with specific colors, shapes, temperaments, virtues and many other traits. 

The five celestial animals are fundamental, particularly in the form school, the environmental feng shui. However, from the very large to the very small: the principles of the five elements pervade every level. Some times even a carefully selected feng shui tool cannot work optimally, because the entire energy system of a house or an apartment is out of balance. In this case it is important to strengthen and improve the five cardinal points (or a single weakened element) and bring the qi back into the flow. Hereby, the five celestial animals can be of great use. 

For specific information about the individual celectial animals see:
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