Elephant (general)

象 · [ xiàng ]

About someone with a good memory and a lot of knowledge we like to say that he or she has a memory like an elephant. Supposedly, this saying is based on the observation that elephants always remember people causing them something evil, even after years. In Asia the gray giants are seen as wise and clever as well. 

In ancient times elephants were natives in China as well. They were living up to the very north of the country and were considered as mounts of the heroes and rulers. Chinese believe that these animals provide good and powerful Qi for the progeny. Placed in the home, the symbol of the elephant can help childless couples to have offspring. The good-natured pachyderm is not only appreciated for its fertility symbolism. He is also regarded as a representative of patience, virtue, stability, courage and strength. No animal is attributed with a high morality and wisdom than the elephant. Peace-loving, gentle and compassionate, yet forceful, decisive and determined.


> Usage of the symbol

The elephant can insert its force in many places – its kind personality works literally in every room. In the bedroom, you can benefit from its effect on fertility. In the working room or in the knowledge corner (Bagua n° 8) it can promote understanding and deep concentration.

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