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Shortly after writing comments about the origin and efffect of symbols, I received a question relating to particular symbols that appeared in a dream. The theme dream symbols, I think, is for many people interesting and therefore I have decided to write the answer to this question in a general sense, and available for other readers also.

Dreams are a very individual matter and their message can tell us a lot about our own lives, therefore one should not relate to much on fixed interpretations of dream symbols. Chances that one would find the right interpretation for a particular personal dream in a dictionary are not very probable. A „dream dictionary“ is perhaps a good way to begin the search for an interpretation, but it can also lead to confusion.


The  labyrinth as a sign for the hidden paths in our dreams

One should try to remember the feeling that the dream provoked. What was the feeling? Pleasant, excited, stressed, anxious, confused, … .etc? How do these sensations fit to the story. What do the feelings say about particular people. Are there parallels to these sensations or situation in „real life“. What associations does a symbol and the dream arouse in us?

Like a long meandering path, one can receive answers and perhaps even a personal discovery through this type of dream analysis. Dreams are not constructed in straight lines like our mind. They are composed in the language of our souls and are built on an interlinking, associative, emotional and picturesque construction. Through these various levels, the dream may be decoded. There are also visionary, prophetic dreams; there are nightmares and there are dreams which simply are the result of working through daily events. There are dreams which take the form of a dialogue between the soul and our consciousness – decoding these dreams we can learn a lot about ourselves, our life’s journey and the momentary situation we are in.

We dream a lot. If we remember, it is usually the last dream shortly before waking. The memories are very fleeting. When one opens one’s eyes the images within the dream are often gone or remembered only in broken sequences. There are however some tricks to strengthen ones dream recall:

  • just before falling to sleep, one can ask one’s higher self to memorize the dream.
  • Keeping a notebook beside the bed, so that should one awake in the night, there is the availability of writing material for key words to jog one’s memory in the morning.
  • Keeping the eyes closed and taking a review of the dream although one is already awake.
  • Sometimes it also helps just to return to the original sleeping position and the memory finds it’s way back into the dream again.

Like all things, practicing strengthens the abilities.

When one regularly analyses one’s dreams, paying close attention to the feelings that arise, one will notice how quickly the memory strengthens and learns to decode the hidden symbols. One develops a feeling for one’s own dreams and their individual language of symbols, for oneself. Dreams can be a way to get to know oneself better!

I wish you good luck and enjoyment in your dream world.


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