蜻蜓 · [ qīngtíng ]

Dragonflies are very old creatures and extremely adaptive. Fossilized ancestors, with a wingspan up to 70 cm, can be dated back 350 million years. They are hunters and take their prey in flight.

In Germanic mythology, dragonflies were associated with the goddess Freya or Frigg and were considered sacred beings. This pagan worship was later reversed by missionaries and the dragonflies became “devil’s needles”, “horse stingers” or “ear cutter,”, and the Friday (the day of Freya) to the day of misfortune. This deliberate error has been held down to the present day. However, dragonflies are not poisonous and cannot sting, so they are completely harmless for human beings. 

In the Japanese creation myth, the largest island of the country is called dragon island. The name goes back to the first Tennō, Jimmu, who compared the shape of Japan with a drinking dragonfly. Therefore the dragonfly was a symbol of imperial power in early Japan and a very popular motif. In addition, it stands for strength, happiness, light, joy and victory (also victory over oneself). In folk belief, the insects was considered a spirit of the rice plant and the harbinger of a fruitful autumn. The English term “dragonfly” comes from the mythological belief that dragonflies were former dragons.

During the so-called “Japonism”, when Japanese art came to Europe, the dragonfly was reevaluated and became a very popular motif in the art nouveau period.

Dragonflies are fantastic aviators (also backwards!), they can land with precision and change flight direction within seconds. They shimmer and sparkle in all imaginable, iridescent colors. They act “as from another world” and are often associated with fairies and other spirits. As beings related to light and water, they possess a powerful energy. They help us to recognize illusions, give us strength to transform and clarity for new visions. In general, dragonflies stand for determination, transformation, change, self-knowledge, self-realization, meaningfulness, maturity and a deeper understanding.


> Usage of the symbol

People choosing the dragonflies as their symbol (as a totem or power animal) often had a severe, emotional childhood or youth, but then, growing older, achieved a mental balance and equilibrium between emotions and spirit. The energy of the dragonfly can be used everywhere, thanks to its transforming, strengthening and clarifying energy. In the North area (bagua n ° 1) the symbol can support the search for life task, or help to realize this vision. In the bagua n ° 5 (spirituality) and bagua n ° 8 (wisdom) the dragonfly promotes knowledge and literally helps you to see clear. The dragonfly also feels comfortable in all other life areas, as it is heading for a holistic perspective - dragonflies have a 360° panoramic view!


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