Dragon (general)

龍 · [ lóng ]

Myths about dragons exist all over the world. It’s really amazing how similar thy are in their appearance! From the beginning of time (Uroboros) to the present movies in cinema, from China, to Europe , to South America: Dragons are everywhere. The symbolic meaning of the individual, historical, dragon figures may however vary quit a bit.

In general dragons stand for the chaos and the eternal conflict between the forces of order and chaos. Numerous stories about a human being (the good/the order) fighting alone against a dragon (the evil/the chaos) exist. One of the most famous examples is probably the fight of Saint George

The Chinese mythology is crowded with dragons of all kind. There are wind, earth, river and rain dragons; dragons formed like horses, snakes or turtles; green, blue, yellow, white and colorful dragons; good and bad ones too. In the West, we tend to lump them all together – a big mistake. The symbolic meaning of some specific dragons couldn’t be more diverse.

Generally speaking: the dragon is one of the most complex symbols in China and the most important symbol in feng shui. As one of the five celestial beasts the dragon is located in the East and symbolizes life, sunrise, spring and health. He stands for vitality and virility like no other creature. At the same time the dragon embodies spirituality, wisdom, strength and the energy of transformation. With this powerful animal one can succeed in any undertaking and any project.


> Usage of the symbol

Equally diverse you can make use of this symbol. The dynamic power of the dragon can help almost everywhere. But never ever place a dragon in your bedroom. Its yang energy is to strong for a relaxing room – the dragon would literally haunt your sleep! If you prefer a statue to an image avoid metal figurines; the metal would destroy the wooden energy of the dragon.

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