Chuang-Xi · Double Happiness

雙喜 · [ shuāngxǐ ]

In China this very popular symbol is called Shuang-Xi (雙喜). Shuang means two, twice or a pair, and Xi stands for happiness and luck. To create the symbol, one omits the first character and writes the word Xi twice, as a pair side by side. There exist many different variations, from reduced to ornamental. The basic characters are, however, always recognizable. 

The sign for double happiness stands especially for the happiness in love and marriage. In China it is very frequently used, decorating gifts for wedding, engagements and other romantic purposes. It brings joy and happiness in abundance. 


> Usage of the symbol

Shuang-Xi unfolds its power for the best in the bedroom or in the Southwest corner of your house. Also a romantic, cozy corner in the living room can benefit from its positive vibrations. 


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