海豚 · [ hǎitún ]

Dolphins are representing friendship, joy of life, fidelity, assistance, sensitivity and transcendence. These popular animals play no role in classical Feng Shui, but they became an integral part in Western Feng Shui and are very popular. Dolphins are playful and loyal companions on sea voyages and the saved the lives of many shipwrecked sailors. In some esoteric schools dolphins are regarded as incarnated angels. Even if we look at these fascinating creatures with more earthly eyes: their cheerful and gentle nature is very obvious, stimulating and health bringing (Dolphin-therapy).

As a pair they stand for partnership, loyalty, pleasure, gentleness, playfulness and deep love.


> Usage of the symbol

If you want to experience or conserve a harmonious relationship you should decorate your rooms with a pair of dolphins. The bagua n° 2 for love and partnership suits particularly well for this purpose. A single dolphin can support the your own social and spiritual skills. A whole group of these marine mammals however, can energize the bagua n° 6 (Helpful friends and travel). 

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