धर्मचक्र · Wheel of Law

The sign of the wheel stands for transformation and the eternal cycle of growing and passing (Samsara). In Buddhism, the Dharmachakra (Sanskrit) symbolizes Buddha’s teaching and is usually depicted with eight spokes, which represent the “eight-fold path to liberation”. Chakra means wheel and Dharma translates with law. The Tibetan term (‘khor lo) is translated as the “Wheel of transformation” and describes the overcoming of all obstacles and illusions. In the Himalayan region, the wheel of law (sometimes called wheel of life) is traditionally accompanied by two deers (Indian gazelles). This form of presentation is intended to remind the viewer on Buddha’s first sermon in the deer park of Sarnath. 

The Dharmachakra is one of the eight auspicious, Buddhist symbols (Ashtamangala) and as such it is omnipresent in Asia, especially in Tibet. But this group of symbols is also used in other Buddhist traditions, as well as in Hinduism and in Jainism.


> Usage of the symbol

The Dharmachakra can bring new impetus into every area of your life. In particular the spiritual area (Bagua n° 5) is benefiting from its positive energy. Therefore we place this symbol best in the center of the apartment or near an altar or meditation space.

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