雛菊 · [ chújú ]

Daisies are attributed to Mary and an emblem of innocence. Who didn’t play “he/she loves me … he/she loves me not” at the first heartbreak in childhood? Therefore the daisy is a symbol of hope and young, innocent love.

Its flowers delight us all year round. Frost (up to -15 degrees) can do no harm to this frugal little plant. It blooms even in wintertime when the sun is shining and the snow is melting for a few days. Leaves, buds and flowers of the composite can be collected and eaten throughout the year. Daisies are very healthy, they contain seven times more vitamin C than lettuce. You can pickling the buds and use them like capers. Also modern cuisine has discovered the daisies. The Celts believed, however, that the consumption of this flower inhibits the growth. On the contrary: the plant has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates metabolism and digestion. 

The daisy is also a symbol for motherly love: The blossom closes its petals, forming a protective umbrella, as soon as a dark cloud covers the sky and the rain starts to sprinkle. The same happens in the evening at sunset.


> Usage of the symbol

Daisies are cheerful and humble flowers and the symbol works the same way: not loud and hasty, but consistent and affectionate. Any field of life can benefit from this positive energy. I see its greatest potential in the areas of health (East or Bagua n ° 3) and love (Bagua n ° 2).


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