鶴 · [ hè ]

The crane is one of the most popular symbols for longevity and luck in China. According to the legend this proud bird lives up to 600 years! Even beyond the grave, the crane remains well-disposed towards human beings. It guides, as they say, the soul to paradise. The crane is also regarded as a symbol for wisdom, renewal and luck, in particular cranes with a red head. Furthermore it is as a symbol for a big career and excellent reputation. In old China the crane symbolized an senior administration official.


> Usage of the symbol

No surprise, the crane became a very popular motive in Chinese art, representing all these positive meanings. You should also benefit from the strength of this aesthetic and elegant bird. Placed in the East of your home, it can strengthen your health; in the South it promotes rather your public respect. The crane feels also fine in your office or your career corner. In addition, this symbol  can support a condolence writing in profound ways.


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