圈 · [ quān ]

Among geometric, basic forms, like square, triangle, line, pentagon, etc. , the circle probably has the most perfect form. Every point of the circular line is placed with exactly the same distance from the center point. A circle has no beginning and no ending – it is endless, closed and harmonious. The circle stands for non-existence and eternity, the cycle of life, the balance of the universe and perfection. 

The circle is a omnipresent symbolic sign, standing for unity, the absolute, completeness and doing so for the divine. The circle is also used to show a wholeness, in particular a unity that was divided or split before. This is shown, for example, in the wedding ring symbol and in ritual circle dances. 

The sphere, as its three-dimensional equivalent, also belongs to the symbolism of the circle; including the meaning of two major spheres: the sun and the full moon – both are shown as perfectly circular disc, embodying human vitality, the creative center of universe, the sky, an all-encompassing unity and the divine existence.

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