Endless Knot · Good Luck Knot · Celtic Knot

吉祥結 · [ jí xiáng jié ]

The endless knot is a common symbol all around the world – usually it is a stylized looping knot with no beginning and no end, also known under the names of good luck knot, Chinese knot, knot of infinity, Buddha knot or Celtic knot. Whatever it is called, it symbolizes perfection, wisdom, love, unity, connection and harmony.

The endless knot is one of the eight auspicious signs (Astamangala). As such, it is called Shrivatsa and represents (among other) the union of wisdom and compassion in enlightenment.


> Usage of the symbol

The symbol of the endless knot is usually applied in two different ways: as a sign of intimate love and relations or in the spiritual-religious context. For the first option you should placed the symbol in your bedroom or in the love corner (Bagua n° 2). To support one’s path to enlightenment and all-one-ness the symbol is best applied in the center, in the entrance area, nearby a home altar or in the are for wholeness and spirituality (Bagua n° 5).

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