About Me

My Career

I grew up in the Bernese Seeland of Switzerland . After commercial high school I attended a local art school and then went on to study communication design at an American design college (Art Centre College of Design). After graduation, I settled down in Austria where I worked as an art director in an international advertising agency. 18 months later I braved the leap into self employment and worked thereafter as a freelance graphic designer and artist (Painting).

For about 15 years I shuttled back and forth between graphics and fine art, between making a living and creative freedom. More and more I put my profession in question, I felt increasingly uncomfortable in both worlds, in the world of advertising and also in the world of contemporary art market. The idea of continuing in this way for another 25 years didn’t appeal to me. But what else? What should I do? I asked myself …

It was the beginning of  a long process of self discovery and reorientation. I threw many things overboard, which I no longer wanted and gathered together what was important and fulfilling to me.

In this „Metamorphosis“ graphics and painting fused into illustrations. I left behind the field of advertising. I now dedicate myself professionally to the issues which have accompanied and inspired me for the last 20 years: Symbols, Tarot, Feng Shui, Mythology, Buddhism and all kinds of spiritual and esoteric subjects.

I would like to share with you my fascination of these topics and use the platform of this website to present my thoughts and ideas  and to work with a broader audience. I hope this will result in an interesting exchange and appreciation for the power of symbols.