藍莓 · [ lánméi ]

The bilberry, also called blue- or blackberry, is widely spread in northern climes. It is used as food and medicine, formerly also for dyeing clothes. To highlight particularly its antibacterial properties and its concentrated vitamin content. The blueberry was revered by native Americans. They believed, that god sent them to protect their families from starvation and diseases. Also in Europe, the blueberries were used in for the treatment of many common diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery and scurvy. Nowadays, also scientist are researching the little blue wonder. First results are made in the fight against diabetes mellitus and cancer tumors.

Blueberry leaves are slightly toxic – wearing them in a bag close to the body, they bring good luck and protection against negative energies, curses and bedevilments. According to legend one often find the entrance to a dwarf apartment in the vicinity of blueberry bushes. As it is known that dwarfs guard treasures, blueberries are also considered as an indication for hidden treasures.


> Usage of the symbol

Compared to other fruits, the symbolic use of blueberries is quite rare. Nevertheless you can use this small energy bombs to boost your health (Bagua n° 3).


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