蝙蝠 · [ biānfú ]

In the European area bats are thought to be scary and bringing bad luck – not so in China. In the land of the dragon the bat is one of the most common lucky symbols at all! This is mainly based on the auditory similarity of the two words bat (fú) and happiness (fú). A red bat symbolizes great luck, since the word for red (hóng) means also “huge”. 

Five bats together are increasing the symbol. They represent the five blessings: health, long life, wealth, virtue and a quick, natural death. Usually, the five bats are shown flying around the ever popular shou symbol (character for longevity).


> Usage of the symbol

Wherever you are in need of luck or want to activate it: Use the benevolent power of the bats! You can use their positive energy in every Bagua, depending on the sector (health, wealth etc) you’d like to pay special attention to.


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