竹 · [ zhú ]

Bamboo is one of the most important natural products of China. It is used as a building material, paper resource, decorative plant and for food. It grows quickly, is easy to care for, always green, very strong and at the same time very flexible. In Asian art bamboo is a popular motif and is considered to be the measure of all things – it is basically the role model for Chinese calligraphy. Its symbolic meaning is almost as diverse as its fields of application. Above all, bamboo stands for longevity and age. Equally important is the symbolism for modesty, fortitude and integrity. Bamboo is sublime and unimpressible. 


> Usage of the symbol

Feng shui pays attention to the symbolic meaning of things, therefore you don’t necessarily need to grow a “real” bamboo to benefit its positive energy, a picture will work just as fine. In case you still play with the idea to plant one, please pay attention to a limitation of the roots (rhizome barrier), since it tends to proliferate and conquers your garden completely – in the twinkling of an eye. As I mentioned: you can use an illustration instead. The symbol develops its power particularly well in the East and Southeast of your home, as well as in your health corner (Bagua n° 3). Also the area for your career (Bagua n° 1) or your office can benefit from the rapid growth of the bamboo.


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