Bagua n° 9

Fame and Recognition

The bagua for fame and recognition is located in the South or in the middle back of your home, opposite the entrance. It represents the element fire, the summer and high noon. Closely associated with this quadrant is the phoenix. This mythical bird is not to equate with the Western phoenix, rising from the ashes. In China they call it “fènghuáng” and is regarded as a guarantee for favorable opportunities and financial success. Like its big brother, the vermilion bird of the South, it stands for energy, enthusiasm and public reputation. This proud bird is full of elegance and beauty and represents the five human qualities: virtue, duty, ritually correct behavior, humanity and reliability. In case you already embody all of these ideals, you do not need to take care of your reputation any longer. 

The bagua n° 9 is connected to the trigram , which is associated with a rapid, circular motion and the force of the sun. Together with the ruling element fire on can recognize, as I like to call it, the “cosmic principle of action”. Literally everything works that way. No matter whether we’re talking about cells, organs, solar systems or galaxies – it is always a circular movement around a central point. This is also true for our activities: Everything we do is an action circling a central intention: in the beginning there is an intention (idea) followed by an action (the doing), which leads to a certain result (reaction). The intention is fulfilled and the circle is closing – we are satisfied to see that our efforts had been successful. Usually we seek for some extra recognition and praise from our environment (teachers, spouses, parents, audience, juries, etc.). Sometimes we even hope for the recognition of God himself; quasi as a posthumous reward in paradise.

There is nothing exceptional, extraordinary or even negative on fame and recognition – it’s rather a value-neutral conclusion: One or many “ones” confirm that an action had a desired effect. Point – that’s it. Without this confirmation one wouldn’t know that the action had come to an end. That’s why we find it so hard not getting the desired recognition ... Most difficulties arise only due to personal valuations or judgments. Whether we’re actually getting always the desired outcome with our actions or whether we are always aware of our true intentions is however a different topic ... At this point I only wanted to illustrate that people never do something without intent and that the driving force of the fire element is inextricably linked to the theme of “fame and recognition”. In this sense, the ninth bagua is not “only” responsible for the recognition but primarily for the target-oriented and successful “doing”. The recognition is virtually the consistent result of this action. 


Activate this area

If you want your actions to become more striking, to get more admiration , want to boost your career or you’re looking for more self-assertion and determination in general, you should strengthen this quadrant. First care about the basic energy and structure of this bagua zone. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing further measures.

Even if you “only” want to enhance your visibility, it is important not to cook on low flame! You can conjure up a real firework by using a chandelier, for example. More fire energy you can create with light, incense sticks, triangular shapes and the colors red and orange. You can keep the fire burning by adding sufficient wood elements.

Trophies and awards feel particularly comfortable in this area. It is important to realize your own values – real recognition and fame demands authenticity. For what do you want to become famous? What does success mean for you? How would you like to be seen by others? Look for personal symbols representing your future plans and created the environment accordingly!

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