Bagua n° 8

Knowledge and Wisdom

The bagua for knowledge and wisdom is located in the North-East, or in the front left area of your house. Here prevails the trigram Gen, which can be translated with sincerity. Its energy is still, quiet and immobile, associated with the element earth and a mountain. This bagua does not represent an airy or volatile knowledge, but stands for a real, lived, practical, sturdy and profound knowledge: wisdom

All aspects of life, which deal with learning, education, intelligence, knowledge, studies and our seeking for information of any kind are influenced by this bagua. The energy of this earth quadrant conjoins the previous water with the following wood and symbolizes the part of us which never ceases to evolve, to grow and to expand. Here we also apply ourselves to self-cultivation and personal development.

As a representative for the bagua n° 8 I chose the elephant. In the Western world someone with “a memory like an elephant” has good memory and a lot of knowledge. Supposedly, this phrase is based on the observation that elephants never forget (even after many years) a person that caused harm to them. Also in Asia the gray giants are considered as clever, wise and patient beings. No other animal is attributed with higher morality and wisdom. Peace-loving, gentle and compassionate, yet forceful, decisive and determined: like a mountain. In the bagua for knowledge and wisdom this symbol can boost your cognitive faculty and ability to concentrate.


Activate this area

First care about the basic energy and structure of this bagua zone. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing further measures. Traditionally this area is associated with the colors blue, green and black, typical water and wood colors. I tend to use this colors in a supportive way and to focus on earthy tones instead, such as yellow, ocher, beige and brown. You can also combine earth, water and wood elements by the selection of shapes and materials. Although I wouldn’t overdo the wood energy – intensive “cultivation” may leach out the soil. 

What ever you associate with knowledge and wisdom, you can use to support this area. Use for example globes, images of mountains, crystals and other stones or busts of savants, ideally made out of clay or porcelain. This area of your apartment is particularly well-suited as a study room, an office, or a library. If you don’t have enough space for a meditation room in the center of your apartment – the bagua n° 8 is a good alternative.

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