Bagua n° 7

Creativity and Children

The bagua for creativity and children is located in the West or in the right side area of your apartment. It represents the element metal, the color white, round shapes and the pungent taste. Also connected to this direction is the autumn, the afternoon, the age and the tiger, especially the white tiger of the West

The correlating trigram is Dui. Dui translates with bog or lake and stands for a kind of cosmic ocean, the source of life. It embodies a creative, cheerful and vivid way of life. Together with the power of the tiger this results in a somehow unpredictable and instinctive, yet powerful, pleasure-loving and very satisfying energy. In feng shui the tiger is placed opposite to the dragon. Its wild nature is difficult to control, therefore you should always make sure that the dragon retains the upper hand – together they are unbeatable.

Whether you have a real desire to have children, or you concoct other creative projects doesn’t make any difference to this quadrant: here is the place to generate, receive and bring it to life. Any kind of change, upheaval, spontaneity, playfulness and imagination in your life has its origin in the bagua n° 7. Also the joy this all may bring into your life. This relates to your sex life as well. If you have an artistic profession, or you pursue a creative hobby, this is the most suitable room for your development. Apart from that your children will enjoy the inspiring force in this bagua zone.


Activate this area

If you want to make use of this lively and imaginative energy, you should definitely pay attention to the seventh quadrant. First care about the basic energy and structure of this bagua zone. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing further measures. Design these rooms with plenty of light, round shapes, soft pastel colors, white, gray, and silver. Furniture and decorative objects should create a playful, original and unusual atmosphere. 

If you don’t have the possibility to devote an entire room to the subject of this quadrant, you should stimulate the corresponding zones in the other rooms instead. It would be a pity not to benefit fully from this inspiring and creative power! These areas are ideal to place any kind of art work (especially mad out of metal), for toys, bells, bouquets or stereos and other consumer electronics. In your office, this area is the perfect place for an inspiration board. Staple everything that makes you happy and stimulates you on a board and get inspired every day!

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