Bagua n° 6

Helpful Friends and Travels

The bagua for helpful friends and travels is located in the Northwest or the front right corner of your home. The element metal and the trigram Qián are assigned to it. This trigram represents the sky – the firmament above us as well as the heaven in the religious and transcendental sense. The sixth bagua doesn’t makes any difference between “here” and “beyond”, or between worldly and spiritual experiences. 

This quadrant represents real, living friends as well as other “helpful spirits”, such as angels, gods or totems. In the same way the bagua covers all kinds of travels: real journeys; spiritual journeys, like dreams or shamanic journeys and also the last, “celestial” journey. It’s all about the interaction with beings and worlds of all kinds; in particular with the help, the support and the enrichment we can experience in this context.

Which symbol could embody the extensive topics of travel, friendship, help and transcendence more appropriate than dolphins? These popular animals play no role in traditional feng shui, but they are very common in Western feng shui and esoterism. Among others dolphins stand for joie de vivre, loyalty, spirit, friendship, community and sensibility. In some esoteric schools dolphins are even interpreted as incarnated angels.


Activate this area

First care about the basic energy and structure of this bagua zone. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing further measures. Metal flows inward and is compact, it is best represented with round shapes and the colors white, black, gray, silver and gold

In which area of your life do you wish more support or help? Are you looking for new friends to share the joy of a hobby? Are you looking for an appropriate, spiritual teacher, a professional mentor or a partner for traveling? Do you want to receive helpful messages in your dreams? The more specific you can define your personal wishes, the more precise you can energize and “use” this area.

Look for matching and individual symbols. There are no limits to your imagination – what ever makes sense for you personally is correct. Looking for a mentor? You could decorate the wall with some photos of your role models for example. You ask for help, protection or guidance from beyond? Try it with the old jewelery box of your beloved and deceased great-aunt. Maybe a little Hindu sculpture embodies your desire for a trip to India? Keep in mind that helpful friends often arrive from unexpected directions! You increase your opportunities, going through life in an unbiased and attentive manner! 

Even without a specific request, it is worth to put some effort in energizing this area. How about a mobile with little airplanes? Or a photo with a group of happy people? Maybe a sculpture of an angel, preferably made out of metal? You’ll be surprised what the universe has in store for you!

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