Bagua n° 5

Wholeness and Spirituality

The eight trigrams form a circle with eight directions – to the center no trigram is assigned. This center symbolizes rather a connecting structure or the core of the whole Lo Shu square. In place of a trigram usually the character Tao is assigned to this quadrant. Dào, so the Chinese phonetics, stands for absolute wholeness, for the unity of Yin and Yang and the five elements. The center of this Taoist cosmology is embodied by the yellow dragon of the center

The middle of your living space stands analogously also for the center of your own self. This bagua zone symbolizes the heart and the soul of the existence. In this place all the threads come together. In your body, at the base of the spine lies a convoluted serpent, the kundalini, ready to rise and supply all the chakras (energy centers) of your body with energy – on its way up to the crown chakra and spiritual enlightenment. This comparison is highly simplified, but it represents pretty accurately the function of the central, fifth bagua. But the fifth bagua is not only related to the subtle or the transcendence, it rather shows the integration of spirituality into the material (real) life: the wholeness. After all, this area is governed by the element earth!

The image of the serpent could hardly be more appropriate to embody this bagua: Many creation myths, transformation rites and spiritual practices are connected with snakes, usually equated with the cosmic energy of preexistence.


Activate this area

First care about the basic energy and structure of this bagua zone. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing further measures. Those of you wishing more meaning, wholeness and wisdom in your life, should pay special attention to this bagua. Maybe build a small house altar? You can use everything that inspires you and helps you to get a better access to your spirituality, your religion or your believes.  

The energy of the element earth pushes in the width and represents the changing of the seasons. To strengthen this energy and the central force you can decorate with all kinds natural tones, such as ochre, beige, shades of sand and brown, yellow and gold. Crystals are excellent symbols for the earth element. According to the Chinese system of the five elements fire creates earth. Therefore you may enhance the energy of this bagua with some representatives of fire such as lamps, candles, light, red tones, incense stick, etc.

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