Bagua n° 4

Wealth and Prosperity

The bagua for wealth and prosperity is located in the Southeast, or in the back, left area of your apartment. The element wood and the trigram Xun are referring to it. Xun translates with gentleness and stands for a friendly, flexible energy connected with the wind. 

Softness, wind, wealth and the element wood – do you associate also inevitably an image of a ripe, profitable cornfield gently caressed by the wind? Of course, you don’t have to become a corn farmer to be blessed by the money corner, how this quadrant is often named in feng shui. The abundance of this energy is available to everyone

In Chinese the character “lu” translates with income as well as with deer. At the same time, this proud animal is considered as a symbol for high reputation and for a long life. The annual renewing of its tree like antlers is probably the cause for this symbolism. The deer stands for wealth, growth and vitality in Europe as well. Thinking about a deer antlers on the wall, for example. It is more than a proud hunting trophy. It is basically an exhibited sign for wealth and success – in addition it demonstrates the pride of the potent, male hunter.


Activate this area

First care about the basic energy and structure of this bagua zone. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing further measures. Like the bagua 3, also the bagua 4 is associated with the element wood. Here is the so-called “small wood”. Thinking about big trees? You better plant them in the East of your garden. The Southeast quadrant fits better for flowers and fruit bearing plants, symbolizing wealth and harvest

Keeping with the theme of wealth and prosperity also the color scheme of this bagua is colorful and opulent. In addition to all shades of green and blue (the typical wood colors), you may as well use black, red, purple and gold to decorate this corner. The overall impression should be expensive, dignified and noble, not cluttered and cheap, like at the carnival. 

Rectangular and organic shapes get the best effect in this bagua. Many small objects represent the character of this energy more appropriate than a single, large object. Fishes and other water elements are well suited for the activation of wealth, so are pictures of flowers and pieces of art (ideally made out of wood). This bagua zone is also the right place for the well known money tree. Choose a nice place and let it work for you ... How about some natural, wooden icons? Perhaps a bowl full of nuts or seeds as a symbol of prosperity?

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